Fuel and Fire

Baubles of stolen kisses

Trinkets of borrowed love

Trunks of secret words

His gaze upon her is one she can’t seem to describe. His eyes search her’s like a lost ocean lover on the waves of her heart.

No one truly knows or understands. He has her heart in his hands. Her love is what he truly owns. Others in his life will come and go, but her love is true, and he knows.

Feelings so many yet words so few

A connection so true_ not to be replaced

A bond inexplicable

For him she would walk a thousand miles just to smoothen his brows and run her hands in his hair __ his handsome smile that she adores. Each moment she thinks of him. When he is not near,

She prays for him

That in his life ahead

All his dreams come true

And he learns something special and new

His touch sends shivers. His embrace __ a promise of true warmth. He kisses her with passion and claims her fully.

He is the Fuel to her flames, for she is Fire! And together they are deep-burning and unquenchable

To her ___ He is home.

Her Home!


KUKIE __ inspired by An Author “Passion Redefined”


Tomorrow will be about

Who loves me,

who needs me.

Who respects me,

Who understands me

Who forgives me

who wants me.

Who adores me,

who cherishes me.

Who wants me in their lives

Who supports me,

who appreciates me.

Who believes in me

Who admires me

Who encourages me

Who makes me happy

If you love me, I love you right back

If you stick with me, I’ll never leave

I have cried, I have prayed, I have fasted

I have made mistakes, I have forgiven

I have liked, I have loved, I have learnt.


With a big scar in my heart and large teardrops, I choose to move on.

I am Enough!

Nana AKUA Asante Afful♠️


I was There…..

To help forget the pain

To wipe away the tears

To straighten the creased forehead

I was There…..

Even when your heart belonged to another

Even when I had to take the back seat

Even though it seemed I wasn’t needed

I was There……

For You, I took insults

For you, I was seen as a fool in love

For you, I still stayed

I was There…..

When you had chosen your path even though it broke me to pieces.

The endless teary nights, the sad songs I cried to. I yearned for your heart even though it wasn’t mine.

With every single “I Understand” my pillow took the blame!

And yes, i erred! I gave up when I shouldn’t have! I am sorry.

You are not here!

My tears flow freely. I type with tears.

As you forge on, I send your way light and love. And for the one you choose to love you more than I ever did.


Wednesday, 12:00pm