Tomorrow will be about

Who loves me,

who needs me.

Who respects me,

Who understands me

Who forgives me

who wants me.

Who adores me,

who cherishes me.

Who wants me in their lives

Who supports me,

who appreciates me.

Who believes in me

Who admires me

Who encourages me

Who makes me happy

If you love me, I love you right back

If you stick with me, I’ll never leave

I have cried, I have prayed, I have fasted

I have made mistakes, I have forgiven

I have liked, I have loved, I have learnt.


With a big scar in my heart and large teardrops, I choose to move on.

I am Enough!

Nana AKUA Asante Afful♠️



All through today, I’ve been sad refusing to get out of bed. I kept going through my phone to watch old videos just so I could smile. For the first time in my life, I felt like dying! How did I even get myself here?

Well, I heard someone singing on the tv and the words just soothed me! In that moment, God was at work. This is a forever song and I’d love to share the lyrics!


You had your maps drawn

You had other plans

To hang your hopes on

Every road they let you down felt so wrong

So you found another way

You’ve got a big heart

The way you see the world

It got you this far

You might have some bruises

And a few of scars

But you know you’re gonna be okay

And even though you’re scared. You’re stronger than you know.


If you’re lost out where the lights are blinding

Caught in all, the stars are hiding

That’s when something wild calls you home, home

If you face the fear that keeps you frozen

Chase the sky into the ocean

That’s when something wild calls you home, home

Verse ll

Sometimes the past can

Make the ground benneath you feel like a quicksand

You don’t have to worry

You reach for my hand

Yeah I know you’re gonna be okay

You’re gonna be okay

And even if you’re scared

You’re stronger than you know.


Words : @LindseyStirling.



It’s scary to fall again in love… Especially when it’s the same person who broke you! Even more scarier when you know deep down she’s the one that tickles your fantasies.


Love is a journey for the brave hearts and risk takers! Love! Love can make you want to give up. Love can make you go crazy. Love can make you cry , but if she’s worth it…. risk it. You are brave!


This is a promise of love to the love of my life! I promise to make you happy! I promise to love you through all the changing phases!

I promise to never leave your side! I promise to be your pot of stew, yeah I may be salty sometimes but you can overlook that … right?

I promise you forever if only you will have me.

Every promise made is one which is too easy to keep. I will love you unconditionally ; flaws and all.

I promise!


Kuukie XO


I was There…..

To help forget the pain

To wipe away the tears

To straighten the creased forehead

I was There…..

Even when your heart belonged to another

Even when I had to take the back seat

Even though it seemed I wasn’t needed

I was There……

For You, I took insults

For you, I was seen as a fool in love

For you, I still stayed

I was There…..

When you had chosen your path even though it broke me to pieces.

The endless teary nights, the sad songs I cried to. I yearned for your heart even though it wasn’t mine.

With every single “I Understand” my pillow took the blame!

Why do I still cry? Why can’t I get over you? I’m not so strong after all? Oh! My silent prayers!

And yes, i erred! I gave up when I shouldn’t have! I am sorry. Forever will be.

You are not here!

My tears flow freely. I type with tears.

I need you, I miss you, I Love You!

Please come back!



Wednesday, 12:00pm



More often than not, I don’t know how to start my write ups! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Well, today is rant day!😡

Ok here goes…… Why do some men feel they are doing you a favour by being with you? 🤔

So a brother just spots you, takes his time to woo you and when he finally wins you over he makes you feel like it’s a privilege to date him? Bruh!🙄

Nothing personal but I heard this story and I was like “this is just getting outta hand.”

Ermm I’m not going to share the whole story either!

Ok I will…..😂

So a sister meets this guy who wants to marry her even though he barely knows her. She agrees to date him and that’s when Mr Perfect starts finding faults and man are they petty. “You need to brush your teeth every time you finish eating” “You need to sit on hot water, you have a scent around you” (😂) “You need to brush properly, there’s an odor coming from your mouth” “Don’t sleep at the edge of the bed, it’s for men” etc. 😂😂😂

What level of OCD is this? And the part that killed me “I need to train you well for the future” 😆😆

So my question is…. what did our dear brother see that got him attracted to our lady! But for real …. TRAIN?

I’m Done! 😂




Is it really that puzzling or we as humans just jumble up it’s simplicity!

Why do i say this? Well… i need to make a decision… And it’s a fight of or for love.

Do i give up on the one who makes my heart skip beats just by sighting , the one who still gives me butterfly feelings, the one I’m still shy and act coy around…. do i give up on this person knowing fully well i might never be able to move on?

Or should i just hold on a little bit longer? Stay hopeful?

You know the jostle you get once in a while after thinking too much about him and you go like ” what the heck! I can do without him ” but in a few minutes you are back to missing him and wanting to be in his arms right away.

That feeling when you never get enough of the person. Can that pass as love?

Phew! Ohh boy!

Well, currently (Friday 11:18) I’m sipping on some wine hoping i get tipsy so i can fall asleep because he’s out and I’m scared of predators in Woman forms!



No Title

Hi there…. it’s me 😐.

I just felt like typing stuff because I can. Yeah “no title” because I ain’t got one.

And in as much I’d wish this was something worth reading, even though you’re gonna probably read to the end….. it’s not.

So how are we gonna call this one? Some sort of poetry? Because I’m pretty sure those things have at least some sort of moral or theme behind. But this? 🤦‍♀️

But even though it makes me happy that I’ve typed words which was the main reason, I don’t really feel fulfilled.

But I’m glad you read my nonsense no titled nothing to this point though. So if you like it … Like It! 🙈

I guess one can’t really think straight when they are head over sneakers and heels in love with someone who doesn’t know. What’s that feeling again? Ok bye!

Written by : Nana Akua Asante Afful